Environmental Policy

In addition to social and economic aspects, as a manufacturing company we feel strongly committed to environmental protection. The sustainable use of limited resources and the consideration of the effects of our value creation on our environment determine our actions.

The environmental perspective is incorporated into our management systems at all levels and processes in order to meet this requirement both strategically and operationally. The following principles of our environmental policy are intended to give interested stakeholders an insight into our efforts to protect our environment.

  • We comply with applicable laws and environmental standards and stay informed about new developments.
  • Environmental aspects are already taken into account in the development and design phase and cover the entire product life cycle.
  • We use all resources for our business and production processes economically and sustainably. Energy sources and investments are also assessed on the basis of these criteria.
  • Our belief and self-commitment are a prerequisite for all our stakeholders. Our employees, suppliers and customers are particularly important in the area of environmental protection.
  • We set ourselves environmentally-based targets and evaluate the results of these in order to continuously improve our market performance and expand our environmental protection activities.
  • Our environmental policy applies to the entire company, all processes and products. Management and all employees undertake to act in accordance with these principles.

For further information on our environmental policy, please contact us directly: