Air operated diaphragm pumps

  • Always the right solution for the safe and reliable transfer of low to high viscosity products, even with solids in suspension, as well as abrasive, high flammability or aerated liquids.

  • FLUX Air-operated Diaphragm Pumps are self-priming and run-dry safe. They are particularly flexible as the can be used with almost all kinds of fluids. Depending on the application, casted (RFM) or milled (FDM) versions are available. The pumps are easy to operate and good for up to 8 bar delivery pressure.

  • Startup is given independent of the switch-off position and guarantees reliability and safe operation. The flow is infinitely variable via the air pressure and can be calculated easily. The pumps have a low level of noise due to the integrated mufflers and need little maintenance especially for pure fluids.