Agitators from PAGERIS® are based on a modular concept which has been developed to offer highly standardized products with just the right amount of tailoring.

The EHM agitator system

  • Low to medium viscosities

  • Higher rotational speeds

  • Container volume 0.2-10m³

  • 0.06–4kW

  • 150–2200mm

  • Ø88–300mm

Mixer shafts available in stainless steel, PE, PVDF

The ESM agitator system

  • Low to medium viscosities

  • Low speeds

  • Container volume 1-50m³

  • 0.06–4kW, 1:7 / 1:20

  • 500–4000mm

  • Ø300–1200mm

Mixing paddle available in stainless steel, PP, PVDF

Modules for Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)

  • Low to medium viscosities

  • Low and high speeds

  • Standardized IBCs 1m³

  • 0.06–4kW,
    1:7 / 1:20

  • Ø88–400mm

Motors available as 3-phase 400V/230V, 1-phase 230V

Fields of application for our agitators


Thanks to various available materials, PAGERIS mixers are particularly suitable for applications in the chemical industry.


Robust mixers designed for continuous operation enable use in industrial applications.

Surface technology

Acid resistant shafts and mixing blades make the PAGERIS mixers ideal for electroplating and other surface treatments.

Water / Waste water

Both small and large mixers are perfect for neutralization, flocculation and other wastewater treatments.

Mixing and stirring, we have the solution!

Thanks to our modular approach, we can not only offer fast delivery times, but also ensure extensive spare parts availability and fast response time.

Components & Accessories

In addition to our selection of components, we offer a variety of matching accessories such as frequency converters, sealing flanges, connection flanges, IBC-lids with built-in sealing flanges, coupling protection housings, clamps and many more.

All our flanges are available in at least two different materials to enable usage in aggressive chemicals.


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