The ESM agitator system

  • Use: For mixing or agitating with low RPMs but higher circulation for low to medium viscous fluids.

  • Drive: PAGERIS® electrical motors are offered as 3 phase (400V, 50Hz) or 1 phase (230V, 50Hz) asynchronous motors, compliant with IEC-standards. Power ranges from 0.12 up to 4 kW and possible RPMs are 1500, 1000, 750 and 1500/750. Protection classifications are up to IP55, insulation classes up to F and duty cycles up to S1 (continuous duty). The standard motor design is B5/V1. Special versions are available on request.

    Worm drives tailored to PAGERIS® motors compliant with IEC-standards: Standard reduction is 1:20. Special versions are available on request.

  • Shaft: Lengths from 500 to 4000mm in stainless steel 1.4435 with PE coating (on request). For coated shafts, we offer protected coupling guards and lids.

  • Vanes: Broad range in PVDF, PP and stainless steel 1.4571 from 300 to 1200mm diameter available with 6 vanes (SR-6). Also available with 3 or 2 vanes (SR-3/SR-2) with optional hinges but in stainless steel only.

  • Accessories: Inverter, sealing flange, radial shaft seal, transition flange, IBC lid with integrated sealing flange, IBC agitator system traverse, coupling guard etc.