PAGERIS® Agitators – A Modular System

Agitators from PAGERIS® are based on a modular concept which has been developed to offer highly standardized products with just the right amount of tailoring. A vast selection of different electrical motors, shafts and vanes can be mixed and matched to fulfill your exact needs. In addition, we offer various materials resistant to acids and bases such as stainless steel and polyethylene coatings as well as special components such as inverters, worm drives, special flanges, IBC suited systems and much more. 

With these characteristics PAGERIS® agitators are ideal for commercial and industrial applications such as water purification, wastewater neutralization, galvanization and other chemical applications. In combination with worm drives we also provide mixing solutions for high viscosity fluids and a great range of other applications.

PAGERIS® proudly offers distinct systems based on its main modules (electrical drives, shafts and vanes) which are all available as single components as well. The EHM system with high rotational speeds but smaller vanes, the ESM system with lower speeds but larger vanes resulting in higher stability and stronger circulation. For maximum standardization PAGERIS® advanced both systems to fit the 1000 liter IBC pallet enabling direct mixing and agitating in these containers with our tailored systems. For special applications PAGERIS® also provides the EVKG rabble rake systems with special vanes and extremely low RPMs.

Thanks to our modular system we not only provide fast delivery of complete systems but also excel with a great spare part availability and fast reaction times.