The solid-plastic precision valves form the central element of our aerosol system offering. Characterized by a convincing price/performance ratio, our products are especially used whenever highest demands and performance levels are to be met.

Our value proposition includes:

  • Lower permeability compared to elastomer valves
  • High system safety and reliability through elimination of elastomers
  • Optimal residual discharge, reuse and emptying due to high level of gas tightness
  • Proven performance in dealing with higher viscosity, demanding chemical substances and adhesive clogging
  • Position-independent storage and usage
  • Own inventive design, development and production

Depending on the valve in use, different assembly and application options are provided. Please refer to our system portfolio to learn more about possible combinations within the range of our products.

GFS-Valve Solutions

GFS valve, stem red (md)/item no. 10004299

  • Usable with foam gun and dispenser
  • Medium flow rate

GFS valve, stem natural (hd)/item no. 10004356

  • Usable with foam gun and dispenser
  • Higher flow rate

Special designs

  • Pasty substances
  • Different material designs/durability
  • Compatible with inner containers and bags
  • Defined food applications

Pageris GFS Valve
Item No. 10004356

Pageris GFS Valve red
Item No. 10004299

FS-Valve Solutions

FS valve, stem natural (md)/item no. 1000563

  • Usable with foam gun only
  • Medium flow rate
  • Higher compressive strength/pressure endurance

FS valve for cleaner, stem natural (md)/item no. 1000567

  • Usable with nozzle
  • Medium flow rate
  • Blue body




Pageris FS Valve
Item No. 1000563

Pageris FS Valve for Cleaners
Item No. 1000567