Pageris Foam Guns

PAGERIS® Foam Guns

We are proud of being the company to have invented this disruptive solution for PU foam application in 1981. Our products have proven highly successful and users appreciate their outstanding performance all over the world. The foam guns enable the processing of PU foams, glues and pasty masses.

Unequaled quality and reliability are the result of innovative development and continuous optimization. Besides our know-how and the high level of devotion to quality, it is the following performance characteristics that make PAGERIS® foam guns leading products:

  • User-oriented design for the daily use in demanding construction environments
  • Use of high-quality materials and coated surfaces
  • Anti-adhesive adapters
  • High-precision manufacturing and quality controls
  • System compatibility
  • Safe working and handling

All relevant material conveying parts are supplied in materials which prevent any hardening on the inside. Potentially stressed areas are made of materials which provide high impact strength and mechanical stability. Our focus also lies on the required performance in dealing with repeated application after time. A mounted can enables proper functioning and minimizes possible cleaning efforts at all times.

By using the aligned components within our system portfolio, reliable performance and compatibility are ensured.

Pageris Foam Guns

Pagers Foam Gun

Foam Gun Models


  • Red wine/item no. 10003666
  • 185mm nozzle tube
  • Aluminum adapter


  • Black/item no. 10004337
  • 185mm nozzle tube
  • Aluminum adapter


  • Black/item no. 10003710
  • 685mm nozzle tube
  • Aluminum adapter

Multi-functional nozzles

  • Natural, Ø5.3x50mm/item no. 10003963
  • Natural, Ø3.2x75mm/item no. 10004300
  • Mountable on nozzle tube