Pageris Straw Dispenser

PAGERIS® Aerosol Dispensers

Our dispensers are a price-oriented solution to apply PU foams, pasty materials, glue and more.
Being integral parts of the PAGERIS®-system, the various types are designed for different requirements and have proven their worth in many applications all over the world.

In combination with our GFS valves, the products feature:

  • Reliable and handy design
  • Good price-performance ratio
  • High system safety
  • Easy to apply and reuse
  • Easy to seal and clean
  • Attachable to lids and caps

Please refer to our system portfolio to learn more about possible combinations within the range of our products.

PU Foam Solutions

PAGERIS® straw dispenser

  • Black/item no. 10004386
  • Blue/item no. 1000527
  • Red/item no. 10003865
  • 180mm plastic straw
  • Sealing counterpart

PAGERIS® straw dispenser with retaining groove

  • Black/item no. 10004576
  • Retaining groove for alternative cap connection
  • 180mm plastic straw
  • Sealing counterpart

Pageris Straw Dispenser
Various straw dispensers

Other Solutions

PAGERIS® straw dispenser Ø6mm

  • Black/item no. 10004308
  • 85mm plastic nozzle
  • Sealing screw cap

PAGERIS® glue dispenser

  • Blue/item no. 10004072
  • 85mm plastic nozzle
  • Sealing cap

PAGERIS® spray nozzle

  • Natural/item no. 1000561
  • 65mm total length

PAGERIS® vertical dispenser P5

  • Black/Grey item no. 10004318
  • 85mm plastic nozzle
  • Sealing screw cap

Pageris 6mm Dispenser
Item No. 10004308

Item No. 10004318