Low Pressure Paint Spraying Devices

Low pressure paint application for high efficiency, less waste and minimal cleaning effort.

The variable controlled air volumes enable optimal processing of almost all materials. Compared to the conventional paintbrush and roller, our solutions save up to 60% in time. Due to low amounts of paint spraying emissions material savings in the range of 20%-40% can be achieved, resulting in less solvents contaminating the surrounding air. Thus, our proven SG 90 E as well as the SG 2500 E contribute to a safe and flexible working environment.

The low-pressure system is characterized by processing high volumes of air combined with comparatively low pressures. An even flowing cone of air at the head of the application device supports a smooth material ablation while forming small paint particles. Surrounded by this restricting airflow, paint dust is reduced to a minimum and precision coating is assured. As the ambient airstream is warm, adhesion, density as well as drying are significantly improved.


Paint spraying devices